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The 30-Minute Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: Ready-To-Go Recipes to Reduce Inflammation - Kindle Edition

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For millions of people, inflammation is a very real problem that can increase the risk of some dangerous and unpleasant chronic conditions. Left unchecked it can take over your life and leave you in constant pain and suffering. But most people don’t understand what this common condition actually is and more to the point, they have no idea that it can be easily treated.

Inside the pages of The 30-Minute Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: Ready-To-Go Recipes to Reduce Inflammation, Heal Your Immune System and Restore Health, you will find a wealth of information on this tricky problem, including chapters that provide:

  • A background to inflammation and what it is
  • The health risks associated with it
  • How to quickly reduce inflammation
  • Foods to eat and avoid on an inflammatory diet
  • Dietary and lifestyle tips
  • Grocery lists to save time
  • Easy and delicious anti-inflammatory recipes
  • A stunning 14-day meal plan
  • And much more…

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