How can you earn points and what can you redeem them for?

Spydeals is a UK money saving community. The goal of this community is to help people save money by sharing deals, vouchers and freebies with each other. We have now introduced a point system that rewards active members of the community with Amazon gift cards!

How can you earn points?
In order to earn points you need to be logged in to your Spydeals account. Once you are logged in there are various ways to earn points, such as:

  • Downloading and logging in to the Spydeals app
  • Sharing a deal/voucher with the Spydeals community
  • Upvoting a deal or comment
  • Receiving upvotes on your deals/comments by other users

The fastest ways to earn points are related to other users (i.e. spreading the word about Spydeals, receiving upvotes by other users). Check out this page for a full overview of how you can earn points. 

How can you redeem points? 

You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards once you have reached the required milestone. At the moment there are four milestones:

  • 5,000 points - £5 Amazon gift card 
  • 15,000 points - £15 Amazon gift card
  • 50,000 points - £35 Amazon gift card
  • 100,000 points - £50 Amazon gift card 

New milestones will be added once we notice that users are hitting these goals, but for now it will take most users some time to hit these goals. Once you have reached one of the milestones you can send an email to [email protected] After your request is approved you will receive the gift card. 

Are there limitations to the amount of points you can earn? 

In order to prevent abuse of the point system, there are some limitations that have been implemented. Users only earn points for upvoting and commenting on 5 deals per day. This decision was made to ensure that users are only upvoting valuable deals and leaving useful or helpful comments. 

Are users’ new deals/vouchers directly published on Spydeals?

No. Before your deal is published, our moderators will check:

  • Whether the deal/voucher has not already been published
  • Whether the deal/voucher is still available
  • If the deal shows the product for the lowest price (if it is available for a similar price at other stores, it usually will not be published)

Before your deal or voucher is published on the Spydeals app and website,it will be evaluated by a moderator. The moderator will determine whether the deal is published. 

6 months ago